Everything you need to know about charging the Tata Tigor EV?

Tata Tigor EV is technically Tata’s first launch towards an electric future. The car has been one of the most seen EVs in India for the government intervention in boosting its sales. 

Bestowed with the best exterior and interior features, Tata Tigor EV is a satisfactory deal if you aspire to own an EV that is budget friendly.

Tata Tigor EV is a comprehensive attempt for providing Indian consumers with an EV that gives zippy performance and zany appearance at an affordable price.

But besides its pricing, the most important fact about this car is the availability of Tata Tigor EV charging solutions.

The most common question that revolves around a fully battery based EV is “How do I charge it if I get one?” Joulepoint, through this article provides everything you need to know about charging the Tata Tigor EV. 

Why choose a fully battery based vehicle?

The heart of an electric vehicle is the battery. Moreover, EVs can be of different types based on their full and partial dependence on the battery. If you support zero emissions and cut off fuel costs, a battery electric vehicle (BEV) is the best choice for you. 

These are fully electric vehicles that depend on time to time charging unlike the ICE based conventional vehicles that release tailpipe smoke and demand burning of fossil fuels. BEVs are a pure environmentally friendly medium of mobilization.

BEVs solely depend on electric power that charges the battery through the charging ports in the car and an external cable connecting the power grid. The Tata Tigor EV is a fully electric car where the under-seat fuel tank is replaced by the lithium-ion battery pack extending upto the boot floor. 

As an all-electric vehicle, Tata Tigor EV charging can be both fast and AC slow charging as it comes with two types of charging ports. 

If you are the owner of Tata Tigor EV and have no charging stations nearby or at home, Joulepoint is your destination to keep your car running. We provide a virtual journey to fulfilling your energy services by customizing them according to your requirements. 

How to charge the Tata Tigor EV?

With a 21.5 kWh Li-Ion battery, the range of Tata Tigor EV is 213km per full charge. The DC fast charging and AC slow charging allow the users to charge their Tata Tigor EV, refill their batteries at charging stations and at home or workplaces or any public places, respectively. 

The Tata Tigor EV charging time is determined by the port the EVSE is connected to. It takes two hours to juice up the battery via fast charging whereas normal home charging sockets can take upto 12 hours for 0-100% charging. 

Most EV owners choose to charge their cars during their working hours, so that they are good to go as soon as the office is over.

How to charge the Tata Tigor EV at home?

The best benefit of having a charging station at home is it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. But the home charging sockets are most likely to produce alternative current (AC) that takes longer durations to charge a car completely, almost 11-20hrs. The time is based on the capacity of the battery pack. 

Tata Tigor EV charging at home takes approximately 11.5 – 12 hrs. If you have a charging set up at home, the Tata Tigor can be charged overnight to be ready for a ride on the next day. 

Think of how it would be to have a fast home charger at home or within your apartment campus?? Great! Isn’t it?

Setting up your own Joulepoint charging solution not just helps you get easy charging services, but also provides charging services to rest of the EV users in and around while you earn some extra money. 

How to charge the Tata Tigor EV in public?

Most of us spend half of our day outside our homes, in workplaces, restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls and so on. An EV owner is most likely to look for charging stations at such places where he can charge his car, meanwhile he finishes off his work. Usually the EV chargers found in public places supply DC fast charging that has the capacity to regenerate the battery power within 2-7 hours. 

We, at Joulepoint, are making efforts to combat India’s lacking infrastructure solutions by providing fast charging set-ups everywhere an EV driver needs.

Having a charging station at your workplace can be a blessing, as a lot of EV users will rely on your Joulepoint charger for charging their electric vehicles almost regularly. 

Fast Charging the Tata Tigor EV

Besides EVs being the savior of our environment, many people turn it down thinking that it might not be your journey partner. But if an EV has the ability of fast charging itself that means the car is journey ready. DC fast charging gives an EV power to drive long distances, without keeping the battery on charge overnight or for longer durations. 

Patience is not the key to charging your EV, DC fast charging is!

And this is made available by Joulepoint for its fast growing fast-charging supplies all over the country. A 15kWh fast charger can top up the Tata Tigor EV from 0-80% within 1hour 50 minutes. Tata Tigor EV charging time with a DC charger is based on its battery size and the power supplying capacity of the dispenser. 

Cost of charging the Tata Tigor EV

Cost of charging isn’t the same everywhere. But if we calculate the monthly expense on charging an EV, it will be a lot less than the monthly petroleum budget of an ICE-powered car. Charging prices are also comparatively less when you have a home charger but then again, that is way too much time consuming. Tata Tigor charging is now made simple with an app and no-app interface website by Joulepoint where you can keep record of your regular EV charging services and also track others using your charger. We give you 10 times faster charging than a 120V home socket at a rate of Rs 20 per kWh. Joulepoint chargers, at home or outside, are more of an investment; it connects all the EV drivers and brings you money when anyone uses it.  

If you want a convenient charging spot for your Tata Tigor EV, you can have your own charging station at home, at work and on the go with Joulepoint. Well, that’s not it, listing your charging station on Joulepoint will connect you with other EV users. Every time an EV driver uses your Joulepoint charging station, money will be credited to your account.

Joulepoint gives you a seamless electric experience with its charging setup almost anywhere of your convenience, where you earn more than you spend.

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