A complete guide to charging the Jaguar I-pace

If you want to buy a luxury car with the goodness of an EV, bring home the magnificent Jaguar I-Pace. Jaguar I-Pace is the company’s first-ever all-electric, maiden BEV electric vehicle. Packed with a high-tech lithium-ion battery of 90kWh, I-pace provides a range of 470km in WLTP standard and emits no tail-pipe gases. The jaguar I-pace battery comes with an extraordinary fast charging capacity that makes it an all driver’s car.

Jaguar I-Pace is, by far, one of the best cars Jaguar has ever made in its history and is capable of turning heads around when you set it out on the road. It is a high-performance and impressive-looking electric SUV that comes with a starting range of Rs. 1.06 crores (ex-showroom, India).

All in all, the Jaguar I-pace is a hi-tech car stuffed with the latest technologies. The range of the vehicle remains unaffected due to its interior climate management technology. It can precondition the vehicle by heating or air conditioning it while it is at charging. This technology is powered by the electricity supplied during charging, leaving the battery pack at full charge. 

Anybody who owns a Jaguar I-Pace is lucky enough to have a fast riding experience for its range and charging capabilities. The car is chargeable both at home and outside, and here is everything you need to know about charging the Jaguar I-pace.

Why choose a fully electric vehicle?

If you want to take steps towards saving the environment, a fully electric vehicle is the right fit for you and nature. Like other plug-in or hybrid electric vehicles, a completely Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) makes no compromises with the sustainability of the world’s resources. It completely lacks the ICE compartment in a vehicle and is totally dependent on electricity.

The battery of the Jaguar I-pace is spread along the floor, within the wheelbase that gives it a low centre of gravity. The 90kWh battery can compete with an ICE-based vehicle for its longevity. It is an actual battery-based electric vehicle for it can sustain maximum power for more extended periods.

If you think EVs are meant to be slow, Jaguar I-pace will surprise you with its exceptional speed. Its fast charging capabilities make the car suitable for travelling long distances. But long distances call for available charging facilities as well, because you never know.

How to charge the Jaguar I-pace?

As per the battery specifications of the car, Jaguar I-pace’s power and dynamics are capable of attracting any EV lover to take it home. Every corner of this car is stuffed with the latest technology that makes it worth the price tag. 

The Jaguar I-pace not just comes with a stylish appearance. Its 90 kWh battery pack gives an extraordinary range to the car. The WLTP standard range of the car is 470 km, which is approximately 300 – 350 km if measured in terms of real-world range. An average EV driver can go about for a week with this real-world range. The built-in All-wheel Drive Traction of Jaguar I-pace allows the car to accelerate from 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds. 

The electric SUV comes with two charging ports that provide AC slow charging and fast charging. This combination of two types of charging inlets is called a CCS 2 charging standard. The top half of the inlet is the Type 2 connector, used for both slow and fast AC charging at home or in public places. And the bottom half is dedicated to rapid DC charging of the I-pace battery. 

The presence of an AC slow charging facility allows the Jaguar I-pace to charge at home without any problem. If connected to a 15 kW home socket, the battery can juice up from 0-100% in 8hours. This 8 hours Jaguar I-pace charge will provide a range of approximately 35 km/h. Even though the Jaguar I-pace is rechargeable at home or outside, with the Joulepoint charger you can have full time access to fast charging facilities.

How to charge the Jaguar I-pace at home?

The most convenient option of charging your EV is at home. Home is the best place for your EV to rest and charge. You have full access to it whenever you want. Home chargers allow you to keep your car at charging till the last minute of your trip. But the charging time of an EV is highly determined by the charging infrastructure, be it at home or outside. Charging an EV at home is similar to charging your cell phone, you can keep it overnight and plug it off before moving out. 

As electricity costs less than petrol or diesel, hence Jaguar I-pace charging is also cost-effective if charged via home sockets or wall boxes. Whereas, Jaguar I-pace charging time might vary depending on the power supply of your home. The Jaguar I-pace can provide a range of 35 km (22 miles) in 60 minutes if kept overnight charging with an 11kW home charger. 

The electrifying performance of the Jaguar I-pace is boosted by its hi-tech battery pack and the fantastic range it gives. The battery supports fast, slow and rapid charging due to its CCS 2 standard inlets. Though most of the home or standard charger sockets allow EVs to charge slowly, setting up a JoulePoint charger at home or in your apartment or condo makes charging your Jaguar I-pace readily available. 

How to charge the Jaguar I-pace at work or around town?

Most of us spend half of our day outside our homes, in workplaces, restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls and so on. An EV owner is most likely to look for charging stations at such places where he can charge his car while he finishes his work. Usually, the EV chargers in public places supply DC fast charging that can regenerate the battery power within 2-7 hours. 

The Touch Pro Duo infotainment setup makes navigation to a charging point easy for Jaguar I-pace drivers. If you have any Joulepoint charger nearby, you can always look for it on your infotainment screen. Public EV chargers with a 50kW power supply can charge your Jaguar I-pace from 20 – 80% in 70 minutes. 

With Joule point, your Jaguar I–pace charging time can be cut short. Our dispensers charge up to 10 times faster than a standard 15 amps socket, and what can be better than fast charging for an EV owner?

You can operate your car charging with our Joulepoint app that is easy to use. And find the nearest charging spots through our app or website all across the country. 

Cost of charging the Jaguar I-pace

Electricity is a comparatively cheaper asset than petrol in India. A report shows that the cost of running an EV is 5% lower annually compared to an ICE-powered vehicle. The cost of charging isn’t the same everywhere. But if we calculate the monthly expense of charging an EV, it will be a lot less than the monthly petroleum budget of an ICE-powered car. Charging prices are also comparatively lower when you have a home charger, but that is way too time-consuming.

The cost of charging the Jaguar I-pace depends on how often you take it out for a ride. If you don’t run the I-pace very frequently, then it can probably go about for a week on a single full charge for its ability to sustain maximum power.

If you are looking for affordable charging solutions, Joule point charges only Rs 20 per kWh that is most likely to suit your monthly budget. JoulePoint chargers, at home or outside, are more of an investment; it connects all the EV drivers and brings you money when anyone uses it.  

Joulepoint gives you a seamless electric experience with its charging setup almost anywhere of your convenience, where you earn more than you spend.

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