Everything you need to know about charging the MG ZS EV

With every country being deeply thoughtful about transforming into a cleaner and greener environment, innovations in the technology world like the introduction of Electric Vehicles have been fruitful for a few countries. Among the big giant companies in India, MG motors started off its electric journey with its MG ZS EV which is an electric SUV. The 2019 MG Hector had set a benchmark in terms of its spaciousness and outstanding road presence which was MG motors first launch in India. The MG ZS EV is likely to have a bright electric future in India for MG being an offspring of the Chinese SAIC Motors that has adequate experience in producing EVs all over the world. Looking at the potential to be an ideal electric car in India, here is your guide to this family-friendly electric car and everything you need to know about charging the MG ZS EV.   

What is MG ZS EV like?

The new MG ZS EV is more than just an ICE-based SUV and comes in two variants – Excite and Exclusive versions. Both the variants have difference in terms of its price range and a couple of features which makes the Exclusive variant stand superior to the Excite version. The MG ZS EV Excite is priced at Rs. 20.99 lakh(ex-showroom) which is devoid of interesting features making the MG ZS EV Exclusive a stunning deal for the EV lovers. The range topper MG ZS EV Exclusive is stuffed with iSmart 2.0, PM 2.5 air filters, rain sensing front wiper, roof rail, panoramic roof, front and rear seat belt reminder, airbags and much more that is priced at Rs. 24.18 lakh. 

Look wise the MG ZS EV is a stunner SUV and the additional touch of design with the London eye front projector headlamp unit and a constellation like LED stripe on the tail light are inspired from natural elements. The massive sun-roof with 90% coverage of the roof is complementary to the aesthetics of its simple and conventional silhouette. Including a lithium-ion battery pack of 44.5 kWh, the MG ZS EV comes with a power of 143 PS power and 350 Nm torque that claims to reach from 0 to 100 kmph in 8.5 seconds. With the 44.5 kWh hi-tech battery, the MG ZS EV is best for a range of 419 km that gives a noise-free and effortlessly quick driving experience. The EV comes with three driving modes – eco, normal and sports that also makes it a truly impressive catch in the BEV market in India. 

Why choose a Battery Electric Vehicle(BEV)?

The most sustainable option for an environmentally friendly vehicle is to choose a Battery Electric Vehicle(BEV). This type of EVs lack a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE), no gasoline tank and no exhaust pipe, instead is completely dependent on the chargeable battery for mobility. BEVs are exclusively powered by electricity through on-board batteries that can be charged by plugging into an outlet installed at home/office or a charging station on the road. 

If you are looking for an eco-friendly vehicle that contributes to reducing the carbon footprint from the world, choose a Battery Electric Vehicle(BEV) as it is solely powered by electricity and emits zero harmful gases while mobilizing. Despite the skepticism around owning a BEV in India for its lack in efficient infrastructure, MG Motors’ launched its first EV, MG ZS EV under their Chinese BEV producing parent company that is likely to give an electrifying performance with an impressive price tag. The company has promised to set up a 7.4kW charging facility at the buyer’s workplace, office or any convenient area for every sold car.

How to charge the MG ZS EV?

The MG ZS EV is a battery electric vehicle that requires no fuel or gas unlike any ICE-powered vehicle. The batteries can be simply charged by a connecting cable between the charger and the MG ZS EV charging socket on the EV. These vehicles can be charged at charging stations as well as at home or workplace using a 3pin 13A plug charger. 

The MG ZS EV charging is carried out with a Type 2 connector as well as CCS charging standard that reflects on the suitability of the car to get charged at home, office or at a public station. The car has the ability of charging slow, fast and rapid depending on the network and the charging units. The inlet port embedded in the front grille of which the top portion is devoted to Type 2 connector for charging at home and office slow and fast AC charger. Whereas, rapid DC charging uses both the upper and lower section of the inlet port while connecting the charging cable. 

For domestic charging, the MG ZS EV comes with the right equipment for charging with the 3-pin 13A home charger which has a comparatively slow charging speed. While fast charging at home can be managed by investing on 7kW AC single phase home charger. A 7kW AC home charger can charge an EV battery within a duration of approximately 6.5 hours whereas the 13A plug in charger takes up to 14 hours for complete charging.

Charging the MG ZS EV at home

Charging an Electric Vehicle at home is the cheapest. But besides its cost effectiveness, one of the noteworthy drawbacks of home charging is it takes longer duration for complete charging. The most popular of domestic charging is the 3-pin 13A plug takes around 20 hours that ranges approximately 8 m/hr. These are standard plugs that is most likely to cause overheating and can be dangerous if not used without proper guidance. Because of the time consuming nature of standard sockets, most EV drivers prefer installing fast car charging points at home which can supply double that of a 3-pin plug in charger. A 7kW AC point home charger can juice up a battery in 7 hours and ranges 23m/h for every full charge. Moreover, a high power home charger provides 22kW AC charging unit that is mostly installed at work or public locations and has the ability to renew the battery in 7 hours. 

Given the grid voltage of India that is 230 volts, MG ZS EV charging is a time taking task as the standard home sockets provides only 2-3.5kW in power. The 44.5kW battery and 6.6kW on-board charger roughly takes 14hrs to 25 hrs for 0-100% charging of MG ZS EV. This is why most EV users keep their cars at overnight charging if installed at home.  Besides, the MG ZS EV charging time of a battery is also determined by the battery capacity and its surrounding temperature. 

Charging the MG ZS EV in public

Charging an EV in public or workplaces is a much more convenient option than charging an EV at home. Though India’s plan for an electric future began long back in the beginning of the decade, but India still lacks an infrastructure to convince potential EV buyers to completely transition into EV users. Generally, a public EV charging point provides fast charging power than the standard home charger. 

The MG ZS EV is likely to charge up 100% within 6-7.5 hours via public charging points that supply between 7.4kW to 22kW, based on its connection to the 1-phase or 3-phase charging point on the grid connection. Charging the MG ZS EV in public, and especially, in work place or offices can help EV users keep their cars on charging as long as they are at office.

Fast Charging the MG ZS EV

Unlike charging the MG ZS EV at home and around town that converts power from alternative current, fast charging the MG ZS EV includes working with the direct current. DC fast charging is provided by public charging stations found on motorways and is best for better mileage during roadtrips. These extremely fast chargers have the capacity to charge the MG ZS EV, 44.5kW battery with 6.6kW on-board battery, from 0-80% in just 40 minutes. 

How much will it cost to charge the MG ZS EV?

Electricity is a comparatively cheaper asset than petrol in India. A report shows that the cost of running an EV is 5% lower annually compared to an ICE-powered vehicle. Therefore, the cost of charging an EV is obviously less than the fuel expenditure of an individual in the country. Besides the eco-friendly side of an EV, its power to save money is also a constant cause of purchasing EVs. The average cost of charging the MG ZS EV at Joule point will be much less than filling a gasoline tank of a conventional vehicle. Most of the time the charging cost differs from one charging station to another, but we at Joulepoint provide charging the MG ZS EV in Rs. 20 per kWh. The MG ZS EV charging cost might also vary on the basis of electricity cost of a particular area. 

Joule point is a booster to the electric vehicle industry of India by providing a great network of charging stations across different cities. We provide charging setups at your desired placed with an opportunity to make money. 

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