Everything you need to know about charging the Tata Nexon EV

With 312 Km of range and an affordable list price close to 14 Lakh, the Tata Nexon Ev is the best-selling passenger vehicle in India. It is making it possible for people to go electric without compromise. Besides the SUV appeal of Nexon EV, its sorted fundamentals and a value-for-money price tag undercut other EVs by over Rs 700,000.

If you’re considering the Nexon EV, you might be wondering how to charge it. This article covers everything you need to know about charging the Tata Nexon EV in the real world.

How to charge the Tata Nexon EV

EVs are environmentally friendly as well as more efficient than traditional ICE vehicles. As an EV owner, you can fill the battery by charging anytime you’re parked instead of making a separate trip to refuel. 

The Tata Nexon EV supports CCS 2 connector, which adds about 35 Km Per Hour on every regular charging at home or workplace using any 15 A plug point. You also get fast charging as an option on the Tata Nexon EV, which adds about 156 Km in 30 minutes. 

It just takes a few seconds to plug in until you can go about your day (or night) while the Nexon EV charges.

Charging the Nexon EV at Public

You might have noticed EV chargers are readily available in most workplaces, restaurants, retail stores, and other places where you spend time. These locations typically have 15 A plug point CCS 2 chargers which adds up to 35 Km of Range Per Hour, and you can get your work done while the car is charging. 

Soon, you might find yourself going to a specific restaurant or retail store more often because it has the EV charging facility.

Discover convenient places near you to charge your EV with the Joulepoint mobile app. 

Fast Charging the Nexon EV

In addition to 15 A CCS 2 charging ports, DC fast-charging stations are suitable for adding a lot of mileage during quick stops. DC fast-charging stations supply DC power directly to the battery to charge vehicles at a much faster speed. You can add about 156Km in 30 minutes to the Nexon EV with DC fast charging.

How do I fast charge the Nexon?

Adding DC fast charging as an option on your Nexon EV will make it easier to take road trips. Along with our robust network of Joulepoint, it gets easier to find and book a spot for DC fast charging station anywhere you go.

The Nexon EV uses the Combined Charging Standard 2 (CCS 2) Combo connector for DC fast charging. Using the Joulepoint mobile app, you can find a charging station with a CCS 2 Combo connector easily at your convenience.

Once you find a charging station, you can start the fast charger just as you would start any other charger. Use your app to authenticate and plug the connector into your car. Remember to check the pricing on the station first, as fast charging costs a bit more than AC slow charging.

The Cost of Charging the Nexon EV

The price of charging can vary across different EV charging stations and networks depending on the location. But if we calculate the monthly expense of charging an EV, it will be a lot less than the monthly petroleum budget of an ICE-powered vehicle.

The monthly charging expenses of the Tata Nexon EV depend on the types of charger used to charge the vehicle and the total distance covered in that month. Charging on a DC fast charger will cost you more than the AC slow chargers, but it will take less time to charge your EV fully.

Joulepoint provides you with affordable charging solutions for a seamless charging experience with its charging set up almost anywhere.

Charging the Tata Nexon EV at Home 

Some people charge their EVs at home using a regular wall outlet, but it would take more than two days to recharge your tata Nexon EV with it fully. That makes upgrading from a standard wall outlet to a Joulepoint home charger an essential step for Nexon EV owners.

Home charging is the most convenient way to charge your EV, as you have full access to it whenever you want. Home chargers allow you to keep your car at charging till the minute of your trip.

The Tata Nexon EV comes with a CCS 2 type plug-in system. The system consists of two types of charging posts, one that provides AC slow charging and the other provides DC fast charging.

Charging an EV at home is almost similar to charging your cell phone or laptop. Just plug the cord that comes with your Nexon EV into a regular 15A wall outlet to add 35 Km of Range Per Hour. It will take about 8 hours to recharge your car from 10% to 90% this way. If you don’t have 8.5 hours available every day to recharge or want to make multiple longer trips in a day, consider upgrading to a Joulepoint fast charger.

If you live in an apartment with other families, we’d love to help you get Joulepoint EV charging solutions at your place. 

And if you can’t charge at home for some reason, you can still live the EV lifestyle if you can charge at work or have access to EV charging around the town.

Check Joulepoint app to find places to charge your EV near you.

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